Equi Join


Oracle Equi join returns the matching column values of the associated tables. It uses a comparison operator in the WHERE clause to refer equality.


  1. SELECT column_list   
  2. FROM table1, table2....  
  3. WHERE table1.column_name =  
  4. table2.column_name;  


Equijoin also can be performed by using JOIN keyword followed by ON keyword and then specifying names of the columns along with their associated tables to check equality.


  1. SELECT *  
  2. FROM table1   
  3. JOIN table2  
  4. [ON (join_condition)]   


Oracle EQUI JOIN Example

Let' take two tables "agents" and "customer".

Agents table

Oracle Equi Join

Agent data

Oracle Equi Join 2

Customer table

Oracle Equi Join 3

Customer data

Oracle Equi Join 4

Execute this query

  1. SELECT agents.agent_city,customer.last_name,    
  2. customer.first_name   
  3. FROM agents,customer    
  4. WHERE agents.agent_id=customer.customer_id;   



Oracle Equi Join 5